Bathroom wall lighting in minimalist bathroom

On the hunt for the very best bathroom lighting ideas? We’ve got you covered.

The bathroom can be one of the trickiest spaces in your home to light. There are a number of things to consider that can impact your bathroom lighting design, and these can include your choice of fixtures, tone, placement, space availability and bathroom style. When it comes to selecting your ideal bathroom lighting, there are plenty of options to choose from.

At the end of the day, your bathroom should be well-lit, with lighting that provides a comfortable vibe. On top of that, it’s essential that your lighting is bright enough to see exactly what you’re doing! There’s nothing worse than doing your makeup or hair in a poorly lit bathroom, only to walk out and realise it’s not as good as you thought…

On that note, let’s take a look at some innovative bathroom lighting ideas for your space and see what bathroom lighting options are available.

Bathroom Mirror with LED Lighting 

We all use our bathroom mirrors on a daily basis. Whether that’s for your hair, shaving, makeup, or brushing your teeth, it’s important that you can see what you’re doing. A bathroom mirror with LED lighting provides a very practical source of light that ensures the area around your mirror remains brightly lit. 

2 Bathroom mirrors side by side with LED lighting

However, you will need to choose the bathroom lighting mirror that best suits your space. For instance, the size and shape of your LED bathroom mirror should fit into your existing design with ease while remaining practical. The LED lighting itself shouldn’t be too harsh, yet must be bright enough so you can see what you’re doing!

Wondering what lighting is best for a bathroom vanity unit? Or how bright should bathroom lighting be? We’re here to help; just ask our experts.

Mirror Cabinet with Integrated Lighting

Mirror cabinet with integrated lighting

A bathroom mirror cabinet with light is similar to a mirror with lights but with the addition of storage. Having your mirror lighting built into the structure of the cabinet itself means the lighting remains subtle yet effectively illuminates the space around your mirror and vanity unit. This is probably the most important area when it comes to lighting in your bathroom.

Wall Lights

Wall lights in your bathroom can work wonders for your space if done right. This particular bathroom lighting idea can look wonderful either side of a mirror or vanity and fits in well with a more traditional bathroom aesthetic. Wall-mounted bathroom lighting comes in many different options, shapes, and styles.

Wall lights on bathroom wall


Contemporary wall lights work very well as a modern bathroom lighting option. These are usually more minimalist and usually feature simple, sleek shapes. This can include circular or square box lights, which often combine LED lighting with a black wall mount or similar.


Traditional Wall Lights in Bathroom

Traditional wall lights for the bathroom are more ornate, often featuring a gold or silver bracket. Lamp shades are commonly used in a traditional bathroom, providing stylish lighting above your basin, vanity or on either side of your bathroom mirror.

Ceiling Bathroom Lighting  

Virtually every bathroom will have ceiling lighting. It’s important that this lighting is placed correctly and does its job of illuminating your bathroom. Ceiling bathroom lighting ideas come in all shapes and sizes, from basic fixtures to pendant bathroom lighting to Bluetooth speakers. LED bathroom lighting for your ceiling is also a very popular choice; it’s efficient and lights your space effectively.

Ceiling pendant lights in bathroom

Pendant Light

Pendant lights offer an attractive addition to any bathroom. There is a wide variety of pendant light styles out there to suit any existing design. It is important to remember that regulations for bathroom lighting mean pendant lights should be well clear of any water source… so no hanging pendants near your shower!

Bathroom Ceiling Light with Speaker

If you enjoy listening to music while you bathe, this is the perfect bathroom lighting idea for you! A ceiling light with an inbuilt speaker offers versatility… there’s no longer any need to keep a Bluetooth speaker in your bathroom cabinet or drag it in from the bedroom!

Answering Your Bathroom Lighting Queries

We see all kinds of queries about what bathroom lighting is best, how to improve your bathroom lighting, what tone should be used, and more. Here, we answer some of the most common questions.

Warm wall lights on either side of the bathroom mirror

What kind of lighting is best for bathrooms?

The answer to this question depends on a few different factors. In essence, the best lighting for bathrooms is whatever illuminates your bathroom properly while suiting the existing design of your space. So, when it comes to asking yourself what the best lighting for bathrooms is, make sure you explore an extensive range of bathroom lighting options to find the right fit for you.

Should I put LEDs in my bathroom?

LED bathroom lighting is an excellent choice for all types of bathrooms, both big and small. LED bulbs are efficient while remaining powerful and come in a range of shades, from warm to cool. It’s worth measuring the lumens of your chosen LED bulbs to ensure that you’ll be providing enough lighting for your space. As a general rule of thumb for a bathroom, it takes around 70-80 lumens or more per square foot to light a space… so keep this in mind when thinking about brightening your dream bathroom.

Should a bathroom light hang over a mirror?

We mentioned earlier that the lighting around your mirror should be practical and bright. Bright bathroom lighting will ensure that you can see what you’re doing when using the mirror, whether that’s shaving, doing your hair, or putting on makeup. Lighting that hangs above your mirror will be effective but do ensure that it doesn’t hang too low.

How many lights should be in a bathroom?

There’s no simple answer to this one! It really does depend on the types of lighting that you opt for, as well as how bright you want your space to be. Really, it’s entirely up to you. As we mentioned earlier, roughly 70-80 lumens per square foot is advised to light to brighten up a bathroom. You can also place brighter bulbs in your light fittings down the track if you want to create an even lighter space.

What are the best lighting options in a small bathroom?

If you’re trying to find the best bathroom lighting ideas for a small bathroom, look no further. A bathroom mirror or mirror cabinet with integrated lighting can work wonders, as the light itself is situated either behind or alongside the mirror itself, saving both physical and ‘visual’ bathroom space. 

Should my vanity lights face up or down?

This also depends on your preferences. Facing upwards or downwards is not ideal for bathroom vanity lighting. Vanity lights that face outwards, such as those built into the back of a bathroom mirror, are best for ambient or mood lighting. On the other hand, vanity lighting that is integrated into the bathroom mirror itself is better for task-based or practical lighting. Keep this in mind when you are thinking about how to choose bathroom lighting.

Should I use cool white or warm white in a bathroom?

The best answer is often a mixture of the two! Warm lighting is better for the bathroom in general, as it creates a more relaxed and comfortable environment for bathing. On the other hand, cool white lighting is more practical when used around your bathroom mirror or vanity. This type of lighting increases visibility for hair and makeup. 

How do you improve bathroom lighting?

There are a few ways to improve your existing bathroom lighting. It’s important to take stock of whatever issues you are having. Is your bathroom too dim? Do you dislike the style of your lighting fittings? Or do you just want to know how to get better lighting in your bathroom? All of these questions have answers specific to each bathroom and person, and the best place to start is by contacting a bathroom design and supplies expert like Deluxe Bathrooms!

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