Bathroom Storage in Small Bathroom

Maximising small bathroom storage isn’t always easy. But it can be done, we promise! A series of savvy decisions can see all of your storage woes disappear in a heartbeat… even if your bathroom is simply a nook under the stairs. 

If you don’t have enough space to store items in your bathroom, everything tends to spill out. This makes your space look cluttered and inevitably, feel smaller than it already is. You might even need to store bathroom items in a separate room! That’s just not feasible. 

So, read on to find out how to add storage to a small bathroom.

How Do I Make Extra Storage in My Small Bathroom?

Well, you can’t simply knock down one of your walls and create a larger space (unless you’re happy to fork out the money), so you’ll need to be creative. There are a few strategies that can make finding storage space in your small bathroom so much easier… and won’t cost you an arm and a leg:

  1. Maximise the vertical space in your bathroom
  2. Take advantage of any available wall space
  3. Make the most of hidden storage options
  4. Utilise smart bathroom accessories and place them properly.

We’ll take a closer look at each of these small bathroom storage ideas and strategies below and how they can help bring your dream bathroom to life.

1. Maximise Vertical Space 

Using the vertical space in your small bathroom is a great way to create more storage space. After all, if you can’t build outwards, you build up! And in a small bathroom space, this is one of the best options for storage.

Tall bathroom cabinet maximising vertical space in small bathroom

Tall Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Tall bathroom storage cabinets come with the capacity to store plenty of bathroom items and accessories. They don’t need to be wide or deep - simply tall enough to include plenty of shelf space. This can be used for towel and hand towel storage, beauty products, small appliances like hair dryers, and more. While a small storage cabinet for a bathroom is handy, going tall can provide more storage space.

Floor-standing vanity units

A floor-standing vanity unit offers greater depth than other vanity units. The floor-standing quality allows for more cabinet and drawer space and, therefore, more storage in your small bathroom. A space-saving vanity unit also looks wonderful flush against your bathroom tiles, and the additional space closer to the floor is useful for larger or heavier objects. Our Granlusso floorstanding vanity units are the ideal solution and will match any bathroom style perfectly.

Wall-Hung Vanity Unit 

A wall-hung vanity unit can also be a smart addition to a small bathroom. This is because it provides plenty of space underneath, allowing you to store items below the unit. You can make use of baskets to keep towels and hand towels in or place scales and cleaning equipment down below.

2. Take Advantage of Wall Space

If you have wall space available in your bathroom, you can easily turn this into additional storage with shelves or towel holders.

Bathroom shelf saving storage space in small bathroom

Bathroom Shelves

Wall shelves can be an incredibly valuable form of small bathroom storage; they are the most cost-effective, easiest to install form of storage, and they also inevitably save plenty of precious floor space. In essence, you’re creating something out of nothing! Small bathroom shelves for the wall can be placed virtually anywhere they fit. Even a small corner shelf can do the job! 

Shelves can vary in size and number (one or two may not be enough), depending on how much wall space you have available. But they can be great for storing a range of items, even if that’s simply decorations like candles and flowers. 

Bathroom Towel Holder

Knowing where to put your towel can be a hassle at times, particularly in a bathroom that lacks storage options. This is where a well-placed small bathroom towel ring or rack is a lifesaver! They’re a perfect and simple solution for towel storage for small bathrooms - it certainly beats the bathroom floor, and there are a number of sleek, minimal options available. 

3. Utilise Hidden Storage

Hidden storage is a great small bathroom storage idea, especially if your space is very small. If you’re unable to find the perfect small bathroom storage unit, try to make use of recessed mirror cabinets.

Man using bathroom mirror with storage in small bathroom

Bathroom Mirror with Storage

A small bathroom cabinet mirror is a fantastic solution to your storage conundrum. It’s tucked away, yet it should provide ample space for all of the important accessories, such as your toothbrushes and toothpaste, mouthwash, hair products, and more.

4. Use Smart Bathroom Accessory Placement

Placing your bathroom accessories in a way that saves space and keeps them out of the way will be very helpful in your quest for small bathroom storage. This can really help maximise space in a small bathroom and keep accessories hidden from view. 

corner bathroom basket in small bathroom

Toilet Roll & Brush Holder 

Toilet rolls and brushes are often placed in vertical stands next to the toilet itself. However, in a small bathroom, this is simply taking up floor space. Therefore, consider adding a toilet roll or brush holder to the side of your vanity unit, cabinet or wall. This can help save on space while providing a subtle spot to store the toilet brush and rolls… this is a great example of savvy small bathroom organisation!

Bathroom Baskets

Bathroom baskets are a really effective way to store bathroom accessories, particularly when stacked upon each other. They are a wonderful idea for small bathroom storage and come in  various styles and materials. There are options available to suit modern bathrooms, traditional bathroom designs, minimalist layouts, and much more.

Savvy Shower Storage

Are you storing shampoo, conditioner, and body wash outside of your shower or, even worse, on your shower floor? Consider placing bathroom shelves and bathroom baskets within your shower to make the most of the space available there. The right shower shelving or baskets can save you plenty of space in the bathroom, and they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials to fit your bathroom style.

Behind Door Storage

Adding storage solutions to the back of your bathroom door is very possible. And this is certainly the definition of maximising all of the space you have available! Simply mount bathroom shelves or robe hooks on the back of your door and use them to hold a range of small items and products, creating fresh, small bathroom storage.

Maximise Your Small Bathroom Storage with Deluxe Bathrooms

At Deluxe Bathrooms, we’re experts in everything to do with bathrooms, including creative small bathroom storage ideas and accessories. 

If you’re looking for more ideas on maximising storage in your bathroom, we’d love to hear from you, and our experts are happy to help!



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