one4all gift card image

We now accept One4all Gift Cards in-store and online.

Option 1:

Load your One4all Gift Card onto Apple Pay for quick and convenient shopping with One4all retailers.

Option 2:

You can use your One4all Card at checkout like any card payment.

  • In payment options at the checkout, select 'Visa' or 'Visa Debit Card'.
  • Use the Valid Thru date on the front of the card in the Expiry Date box.
  • Find the CVV2 number behind the silver panel on the back of the card.
  • Use your own name and address for Billing Details.
  • Submit your order as it paying by credit card and when you are successful you will receive an order confirmation number followed by an email.

Please make sure that the total cost of your basket is equal to or lower than the value of the One4all, as most online stores will not accept multiple payment methods.

Due to new Anti-Money Laundering regulations affective from 10.01.2020 in Ireland, the maximum online spend value per transaction is 50.00 Euro using standard physical/digital gift cards.

What if I want to return my order that I paid for using my One4all gift card?

We advise you to hold onto your One4all gift cards after your purchase, even if they have no money on them. If you wish to make a return and would like a refund, the refund will be retained on whatever card you used for payment. The refund should take 7-14 days to be returned to your card.

If you are not sure or you get stuck send us an email at or call us on 042 935 5997 and we will be more than happy to help.

See more information on the One4all website