Creating Your Dream Bathroom: Inspiring Designs & Ideas

Expert Tips and Ideas for Your Bathroom Decor

Interested in giving your bathroom a fresh new look? Or are you looking to add a little something extra to your space? We understand that, sometimes, it can be hard to know where to begin. That’s exactly why we’ve put together this guide to help you with your bathroom upgrade journey. Below, we take a look at some of the best tips and ideas for your bathroom decor, show you how to expertly design a bathroom, what styles to use and what styles to avoid.

Understanding your Bathroom Style

The first step in determining how to proceed is understanding the different types of bathroom styles and the style that you’d like to achieve in your space. The four most common styles can be categorised as minimalist design, modern bathroom design, luxury design, and traditional bathroom styles. If you’re wondering how to choose the right design for your dream bathroom, taking bathroom inspiration from one of these existing styles is a great starting point.

Minimalist Bathroom Designs

Minimalist Bathroom Design - Shoreditch Double Drawer Wall Hung Vanity Unit With Basin

Minimalist design is all about ‘less is more’. In a bathroom, this means fewer colours in your palette (or maybe even a single colour), simply designed fixtures and fittings, and making use of elements like natural light. Other common features of minimal bathroom design include straight lines, simple or hidden storage solutions, and minimal visual clutter.

Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern Bathroom Design with Sublime Cliff 4D Shaped Marble Effect Porcelain Tile

A modern design is known to seamlessly incorporate neutral tones, clean lines, and an organised layout for a spacious feel. Modern bathrooms often feature freestanding bathtubs, mirrors enhanced with integrated lighting, and sleek contemporary taps that collectively foster an air of sophistication and elegance.

Underfloor heating systems are also common for added comfort, while a wall-mounted heated towel rail provides that extra touch of luxury. Though the hallmark of modern bathroom design lies in these neutral color palettes, crisp lines and stylish features, it's worth considering the dynamic impact of infusing a burst of color or an abstract pattern to elevate the overall design aesthetic.

Luxury Bathroom Designs

Traditional Bathroom Design - Burlington Harewood Slipper Bath With Standard Feet

A traditional bathroom usually encapsulates early 20th-century decor and style. Think clawfoot and slipper bathtubs, rich, royal colours like maroon, patterned tiles, gold-coloured fixtures, and fittings, and in some cases, timber floors. Ornate cornices with molded patterns might also be present in older homes that have retained the original bathroom design. However, it’s definitely possible to recreate this feel in a newer residence!

Creating the Illusion of Space

Space is such an important consideration in every bathroom. But how do you make a small bathroom seem bigger? Create the illusion of space! With savvy use of colours, patterns, and your layout, you can make a small bathroom seem spacious.

For instance, lighter colours like white and cream maximise brightness, creating a feeling of space. On the other hand, darker colours on your walls, tiles, or benchtop, can make a bathroom feel smaller. The same goes for a really well-laid-out bathroom. Letting light flow with smart shower, bath, and basin placement can help open up a space enormously.

When it comes to generating ideas for bathroom decor and designs, space should be one of the first things you think about. 

Bathroom Decoration and Design Tips

Getting quality design tips and ideas makes a bathroom renovation much easier. The right insights can spark all kinds of creativity, getting you closer to that all-important ‘Ah-ha!’ moment. Once you collate all of those ideas and form them into a solid plan, you’ll be well on your way to completing the perfect bathroom renovation. Here are some of the best bathroom tips and designs to get you started.

Enhancing Bathroom Aesthetics

Enhancing your bathroom aesthetic can be done in a variety of ways. One of the best ideas for bathroom decor include making use of corner spaces, such as with plants, small stands, or compact storage options. Feature wall or floor tiles can really up your bathroom decor game, and add plenty of vibrancy. 

Renovation Priorities: What to Replace First in Your Bathroom

It can be difficult to know exactly where to start, especially if you’re planning on spreading the bathroom renovation out over an extended period of time. What exactly do you replace first? 

Removing your vanity unit and cabinets can be a great first step, and changing such an important part of the bathroom has an immediate impact. Replacing your shower, toilet or bath is another bold first move that can reap rewards. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you may have to remove your existing tiles and lay new ones, and this process will often determine the rest of your project schedule. 

Essential Elements in Bathroom Design

The essential elements in bathroom design are:

These are the components that need to be considered when you are thinking about your main bathroom design ideas. What colour scheme will you choose for your new bathroom style? What kind of shower do you want to install, and what materials will you choose for your benchtop and vanity?

Timeless Design and Color Choices

There are certain simple bathroom designs that just don’t go out of fashion. Minimal design is one great example of this and the use of fewer, neutral tones means a minimalist bathroom is always relevant. Keep that in mind when thinking about your ideas for bathroom decor.

Flattering Colours for Bathrooms

Neutral tones with a subtle splash of colour are a recipe for success in the bathroom. However, a combination of say white, and light orange, blue, or green can also work really well. Consider a neutral base colour and if you want something a little louder, pair that with a secondary colour. There is also a range of wonderful grey bathroom ideas, keeping that neutral tone throughout. Effectively including brighter colours will also ensure that the natural light in your bathroom is really working for you, and exacerbating your space. 

Avoiding Dated Looks in Bathroom Design

It’s important to avoid styles that are best left in the past. There’s nothing worse than a new bathroom renovation that’s clinging onto an outdated look. Fresh bathroom renovation ideas should be just that - fresh. 

Some examples of bathroom design trends to avoid include:

  • Oversized bathtubs - they take up way too much space and can look tacky.
  • Excessive use of white - this can feel cold and unwelcoming.
  • Dark wood paneling - while perfect for other rooms in the house, this tends to age a bathroom.

And surely we don’t need to include ‘carpet in the bathroom’ on this list. We should all know better than that.

Wall Decor and Styling Ideas

Vives Stravaganza Sassari Floral Effect Decor Wall Tile

The walls in your bathroom are an integral part of the overall bathroom layout and aesthetic. They can really ‘prop up’ the rest of your decor if you do it right.


Wallpaper isn’t everyone’s first option when it comes to bathroom wall coverings. But the right wallpaper can really complete your aesthetic. Take a traditional bathroom for example; patterned wallpaper in a Victorian style goes really well with a clawfoot bathtub and rich gold fixtures.


Tiles are brilliant. There are so many colours and patterns to choose from and there’s literally something to suit every type of bathroom. Their longevity and visual appeal make them a fantastic option. A light-coloured terrazzo tile can work wonders when paired with a darker wall tile, while a solid white or grey works hard to create a lighter space.

Statement Wall

Want to make a statement in your bathroom? Consider a statement wall (also called a feature wall). This might be a wall that is tiled or painted a different colour to your other walls (ie black for white walls), ensuring it really pops. It’s essential that the right colours or patterns are used… otherwise, it can be a bit of an eyesore.

Dual Effect Marble Feature Wall


The mirror is an often overlooked part of a new bathroom renovation, but it’s incredibly important. Not only does it add plenty to the look and feel of your bathroom, it also needs to be easy to use. Utilise a full wall mirror to create a more bright and spacious bathroom, or a timber-bordered mirror, which is common in more rustic bathroom ideas.

Full Bathroom Renovation Tips 

Renovating your whole bathroom? This is what you need to know about a full renovation and ideas for bathroom decor.

Plan the Layout 

Bathroom layout tips are essential because the first step is to work out where everything is going to go! Think carefully about where you want your toilet and shower, where to place your vanity, and if applicable, your bath. Often, this will be determined by the existing space. However, keep in mind that your layout should prioritise ease of use - everything should be easily accessible. You’ll also need to consider additional storage, as well as the flow of light and air.

Plan and Measure 

Get your bathroom plans together and take your measurements. Make sure your dream vanity will actually fit in the bathroom, with breathing space. Break down the dimensions of your shower and triple-check that there’s ample space around the toilet. There’s nothing worse than a toilet that’s almost flush against the wall!

Choose Quality Products

Quality always shines through. Whether it’s your tiles, your toilet, your shower tray, or your vanity, never skimp. Thankfully, at Deluxe Bathrooms, we have a huge range of quality bathroom products, ready to transform your space into something truly special.


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