Why add a vanity unit to your bathroom?

Vanity units are jack of all trade merchants as they provide excellent storage and add some much-needed elegance to any bathroom. A well-chosen vanity unit slots right in and can help you improve your bathroom set up in many ways.

Pack it in

A lot of people often find that even after their best efforts, they just can’t get their bathrooms to look pleasing. There is always something throwing them off. This ‘something’ is more often that not just related to poor storage. When you are stuck with tiny crevices and open tacked-on shelfs, you are content but never really happy. Storing all your bathroom essentials on tiny shelfs can get messy and tiring pretty quick.

A vanity unit is this case can help massively. With a vanity unit, you are basically getting a cabinet in your bathroom. And being able to organize and pack things in nicely into proper spaces is already more than good enough. Add to that the fact that you can hide those small ungainly bottles behind closed doors and you can now start to see exactly how a vanity unit can have an instant impact.


Vanity units are one of those things you can get that just have a stereotypical ‘rich man’s thing’ tagline attached to it. Maybe it is fact that we are used to seeing vanity units on social media posts by rich influencers. Or, maybe it is the fact these units are truly an amazing way to tidy up, vanity units are always perceived as being classy and elegant.

Also, as discussed before, vanity units can greatly remove clutter and can pretty much abolish the need of too many shelves. This is itself is a massive improvement as being able to remove miscellaneous items form your first glancing look over can help improve the aesthetic.


Vanity units come in many shapes and sizes and offer unparalleled customisability. Whatever you want or can fit, you can be sure that you will find it.

Firstly, vanity units come in a lot of different sizes. You can have large ones which are multiple compartments wide or you can have smaller ones with only a solitary door. It is all up to you and your space constraints. When in the market for one, you can carefully curate a concise selection list that complies to your more permanent factors- like fitting in your bathroom- and not the other way round.

Secondly, you also have control over the mounting style. If you need more space and would like a bigger unit, you can go full size and have it be mounted to the floor. Alternatively, if you don’t need as much space and generally like a more open and floaty aesthetic, you can buy smaller units and have it be mounted off the floor.

Lastly, material and design choice are basically and open playground too. Vanity units come in many types of finishes and materials. There are dozens of colors to chose from. And with the design itself, you can go anywhere you like. You can chose a modern minimalist look or have one with classical carvings and a more sophisticated styling.

Quick upgrade

From everything we have talked about, it is quite justifiable to say that a vanity unit is a perfect option if you are just looking for a nice and easy upgrade. Vanity units offer great functionality and look still; manage to look good. Furthermore, because of the sheer quantity of different sizes and shapes you can select from, shopping for vanity units is quite simple actually. You can stay confident that you will find one that meets your expectations whilst also complying to your limitations- which basically means that buying a vanity unit is a rather pain free process.


Vanity units are a great addition to any bathroom. With a vanity unit you can kill multiple birds at once as you make your bathroom look more elegant, feel posher and also solve potential storage issue. The number of problems a vanity unit can solve for you is rather staggering and these still- once again- look magnificent. You really cannot go wrong with a vanity unit.


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