Granlusso Enzo 1600 Freestanding Back To Wall Corner Bath Acrylic

Freestanding baths are cool. Let’s be real and just stop beating around the bush, because everyone, whether or not they agree, know that a freestanding bath is simply way cooler than any other bath. Freestanding baths have a premium and classy look to them that makes them more visually pleasing than a normal bath. Also, a freestanding bath can make a bathroom look more spacious than it actually is. Still unconvinced? Here are 5 reasons why you need a freestanding bath other any other bath.


When it comes to freestanding baths, the way it looks is often more important than its functionality. As such, you get arguably the largest selection list. Freestanding baths are designed more bravely and innovatively. Because the bath does not need to one certain shape in order to fit into a blocked off and surrounded spot, designers take more freedom and come up with unique shapes. Freestanding baths can have a floaty and flowing and footed vintage design. Or you can go with a more modern and complicated and stately design. With freestanding baths, it is all up to you to decide what you want as you are not bound to the half-cut egg design of normal baths. You can get the exact amount of elegance and panache you want in your life.

Material choices

With high end aesthetic items, one of the bigger concerns is always the material choice. And in this case, normal tubs absolutely fail. Because most of the tub in hidden away, little or no extra care is given to material choice ensuring that getting a tub made from exclusive material is borderline impossible. With a freestanding tub however, you get a much prominent list. A freestanding tub is as much about looking good as it is about being a good bath. That is why it is easier to find freestanding baths made from the most premium materials.


Freestanding baths come in a surprising amount of different sizes. There are a lot of size options and shape options available to you. This allows for buyers with space constraints to be able to select one that is correct and will fit easily into their existing bathroom. The versatility of freestanding baths will reduce headaches afterwards because you can be confident that you will find what you need if you decide to go with a freestanding tub.


Despite being the more apparently ‘posher’ option, freestanding baths are actually easier to install than people commonly think. With a regular bath, you need a contractor to do all kinds of breaking and building and brick placing and cement mixing stuff. But with a freestanding bath all you need is a plumber. Literally. That is it. A good plumber can do the job no problem. This is because unlike normal fixed baths which need proper construction work for installation, a freestanding bath is a drop in install. All you do is run the pipes for water supply and drains and just drop the bath into place and you will be good to go.


One of the things people relate to aa freestanding bath in opulence. But if you ask them why they do so, more often than not they will fail to answer. People relating a freestanding bath to opulence is completely subconscious. With a freestanding bath, you can free up space that would otherwise be a brick-and-mortar structure. This openness and sense of added space is the subconscious trigger that makes a freestanding bath seem more up-class. A well selected freestanding bath that respects the amount of space in the bathroom itself can make the space look bigger than it is and create the premium feel and give a ‘high-class’ aura to the environment.


Freestanding baths are a superior choice to any bath. These baths not only look cool, they feel cool. And these are practical as well. Freestanding baths are easy to install meaning you need to spend less money installing one and you can skip the tedious process of building the space where a normal fixed bath would go. Freestanding baths also free up a lot of space making everything feel more open and in general, creates a better mood.