Quooker Cube Chilled and Sparkling Filtered Water Tank

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Product Description

CUBE Chilled and Sparkling Filtered Water Tank (for use with Quooker Flex Boiling tap)

Enjoy instant sparkling or chilled filtered water while still having conventional tap with the Quooker Cube water tank (Flex Boiling Water Tap Sold Separately) With the Cube Tank, a Quooker tap not only supplies cold, hot, and boiling water, but also chilled and sparkling water. All from one tap. The CUBE offers a host of advantages for the modern kitchen.

Cube water tank dimensions
  • Height: 500mm
  • Projection: 340mm (270mm excl. CO₂ cylinder)
  • Diameter: Ø 223mm (153mm excl. CO₂ cylinder)
Cube water tank features
  • Adds sparkling and chilled filtered water to Flex tap
  • Fits under the sink or nearby
  • Tank comes with single CO₂ cylinder and filter
  • CO2 cylinder gives 60 litres of sparkling water
  • Supplied with filter improving taste and removing water odour
  • Interactive display that shows how much sparkling water you can still draw from your CO₂ cylinder
  • Choose from two effervescence levels, the standard strength and a softer level with fewer bubbles
  • Water flow for the chilled water has been improved
  • CO₂ cylinder is placed on a magnetic base at the side of the CUBE so that it cannot fall over
  • Tap not included. Sold seperately.
  • 2 year manufacturer's guarantee
CUBE Specifications
Voltage 220 - 240 Volts
Power 100 watts
Standby Power Consumption 5 watts
Chilling Time 30 min
Tank Height 500mm
Tank Diameter 223mm (153mm excl. CO₂ cylinder)
Tank Depth 340 mm (270 mm excl. CO₂ cylinder)
Min. Mains Pressure 2 bar (200 kPa)
Recommended Pressure 2 - 4 bar (200-400 kPa)
Flow Rate (litres/min)
  • 2, 4 litres/min filtered chilled water
  • 2 litres/min. filtered sparkling water
Filter Capacity 12 months or 3500 litres
Water Filter Active Carbon and Hollow Fiber filter
Quooker Flex with Cube (Flex Tap sold Separately)

The new function makes life in the kitchen even easier. To dispense sparkling water, press and turn at the same time. The illuminated ring that turns red to indicate boiling water now flashes blue: sparkling water comes out of the tap. And if you hold down the button for slightly longer and then turn it, you get filtered water. So it’s impossible to dispense boiling water when you want sparkling water.

How does a Quooker work with CUBE?

The CUBE can be installed at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet next to the Quooker tank. It includes two filters that make the water just as pure as the bottled water you buy in the shop. The CUBE is attached to a CO2 cylinder that gives you 60 litres of sparkling water from your Quooker tap.


A filter is installed between the mains water supply and the CUBE. This makes it even easier to replace the filter when needed. The filter is equipped with an Active Carbon and Hollow Fiber filter. This optimizes the taste and odor of the water. Once the filter has expired (approx. one year) the CUBE gives a sound signal that the filter needs to be replaced. This will also show on the display of the CUBE. When you reset the filter timer on the display, the CUBE will automatically start counting again

CUBE Maintenance

Supplied with one CO2 cylinder as standard. When the water jet slows down and there is less carbon dioxide in the water, it means that the CO2 cylinder needs to be replaced. The filters in the CUBE tank last for around one year. When the tank starts to beep, it is time for new filters.

The CUBE supplies sparkling and chilled water and means you no longer have to buy water in plastic bottles. To obtain sparkling water, a Quooker CO2 cylinder must be connected to the CUBE.

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