Deluxe Steam Shower Generator Kit

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Size: 7.5kW Steam Kit For Shower Room of upto 6.2m3
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Product Description

Deluxe Steam Shower Generator Kit

The Deluxe Steam Generator is a quality product made in the USA, The steam generator is small enough to fit in a vanity unit but powerful enough for the largest enclosures.

Why add steam to your life? An in-home steam shower can be a special place, a source of comfort you look forward to each day. If you step into steam feeling tired or sore, chances are you’ll come out feeling replenished, physically and mentally.

The Deluxe Steam Shower Generator kit has everything you need for years of dependable service.

The steam kit includes:

  1. Steam Generator
  2. Thermostatic Control Panel
  3. Steamhead
  4. Cable
Steam generator features
  • Available for different room sizes. Please see our sizing guide below to choose the right one for you.
  • Compact design for installation in a vanity, closet, insulated attic or basement
  • Quality build made in the USA built with long lasting materials
  • Black casing
Thermostatic control features

The thermostatic in-shower control turns the system on and off while also allowing you to set both time and temperature to your most comfortable levels. It comes in a timeless polished chrome.

  • Digital Thermostatic control
  • Dual Temperature Sensor technology for superior temperature control
  • Stylish polished chrome colour
Steamhead features

The Steamhead is designed for smooth, even dispersal of steam into the steam shower, providing user comfort without uncomfortable hot spots.

  • Stylish polished chrome colour

Installation Notes

  • All the generators have the option to add a drain down feature, which is recommended where heavy usage is expected.
  • Hard water areas should consider adding an inline water conditioner to extend the life expectancy.
  • The safety valve must be fitted to a discharge pipe.
  • The steam outlet pipe must be 22mm and be appropriately insulated.

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