Burlington London Round Double-Ended Bath

Meditation is when you connect with your inner self on a higher level. You get up early in the morning, put on your yoga pants, sit in your comfy positions, focus on your breathing letting go of all your worries, and feel that energy breezing through your soul from nature. But well, how many days do you honestly have time for that? Chances are, not many. So, what if there was another way you could receive all the benefits of meditation without setting aside (and eventually failing) a fixed slot for it? That sounds a little hard to believe, right? I mean, all great things must come with hardship, so how can you possibly yield the fruits of meditation without performing it? Well, turns out, a good relaxing bath can, in fact, give you the same spiritual experience as meditation if you follow some simple steps. A bath doesn’t necessarily have to be just a physical cleansing, it can be an emotional and spiritual purification. You can make it your path to transformation. It is a sacred time to connect to your spirit. Research shows that water increases creative ideas, peace, mental clarity, etc. So, showers might be the way to go most days, but when you need to loosen up and have a chance but no patience for meditation, a good bath is the way to go. Following the recipe below, you can detox your body and soul completely and enjoy a fully satisfactory sleep just like a baby.

Pick the Right Time:

A detox bath incites the process by relaxing your muscles, boosting blood circulation, and increasing your body temperature, which strengthens the immune system. Also, warm water may help you drift off later. So, you need to time your bath perfectly, preferably before sleeping and after a workout session. Moreover, you absolutely need to make sure that you don’t go near your phone or computer from your tub.

Prepare the Tub:

Clean your bathtub so that it doesn’t have any of its previous soap waters remained in it. Then fill it with lukewarm waters. Make sure the temperature is not too hot to feel uncomfortable. Then add some bubble bombs for some aromatherapy which you can buy from convenient stores. Bubble baths are fun and relaxing and they create dazzling colors for you to enjoy in the tub. Pour about 1⁄8 cup (30 mL) of bath bombs into the tub while the water is still filling up so the stream of water may help mix the bubbles evenly. Now drop essential oils into it (cypress, lemongrass, grapefruit, or helichrysum are good choices) to relax your body. You may consider adding some scented oils (lavender, geranium, or rose oils are the more popular options) as well as it’s a great way to create the atmosphere. Finally, add the Epsom salts and stir the water with your hand a bit.

Support Your Head:

Now you need to treat yourself with a waterproof bath neck support pillow. A plastic bath pillow could achieve the same task. If none of them are feasible, then you can also roll up a hand towel to put under your neck to make your bath feel a bit more indulgent. Also, don’t forget to tie your hair up.

Apply Face mask:

The ultimate spa experience is never complete without the face mask while you soak. You can create your own or buy one from the store. Avocado, honey, olive oil, coconut oil, and egg whites can be used to make a hydrating mask in your home. A perfect combo includes oatmeal + egg + lemon juice for a lovely, skin reviving mask, but any of the above will do just fine. Wash the mask off with a warm washcloth in the tub after 10 minutes and you’ll get a freshly scrubbed glow from the bath.

Indulge with Wine & Snack:

Your body is going to love this part. It’s amazing to sip from your wine glass and have some cookies, chocolate, strawberries, or pudding in the bath. If you’re not a wine drinker, you can go with herbal tea or juice as per your preference.

Bring an Activity:

It’s essential that you have some activities to do in the bath or else you’ll eventually get bored of the silence. Reading a good book or magazine could be a good activity for starters (definitely not social networking).

Gently Massage Yourself:

To improve blood flow and remove dead skin cells, you should give yourself a gentle full body massage while in the bath. Pick a body scrub from the market that will moisturize, exfoliate, and boost your blood flow. Scoop out about 30 to 44 ml of the scrub and rub it over your arms and legs with a circular motion.

Dry off:

It’s time to get out of your tub after around 25 minutes of unwinding bath and treat your body with those soft towels and robes. Consider having a towel that you only use for your relaxing baths. You may also try sitting in the steam rooms if you have the facility.

Apply Moisturizer:

Once you’re dry enough, make sure you apply a good moisturizer (or body oils) to your skin. The body loses heat and dries up pretty fast once you leave the water, so you mustn’t forget this step.


Take some liquids with electrolytes and take that well-earned deep nap. You’ve just experienced the most satisfying bath in your life.

Rest assured, it’s very elementary to check if your bathroom accessories are modern and well furnished. Or else, your experience might turn out to be a disappointment no matter how much effort you put into it. So, consider replacing any damaged or old furniture that don’t belong to your temple of relaxation anymore before approaching that deluxe bath.